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Government Rebates and Incentives for Solar Panel Installation

There’s never been a better time for residents of Saskatchewan to invest in solar power generation. Right now, the Saskatchewan government offers a variety of Grid tie programs and tax incentives for solar producers in Saskatchewan. These incentives are designed to encourage investment in renewable energy by providing financial benefits to energy producers.

There are currently two active financial incentives offered by the government of Saskatchewan, along with two federal incentive programs that provide benefits to businesses that invest in solar power. In this piece, we review the Federal and Provincial rebates and incentives that are available for solar panel installation.


Net Metering Program & Net Billing

The net metering program or Net Billing is the most important part of Saskatchewan’s financial incentive program for social power. This is the policy that enables businesses and homeowners to cancel out their electricity bills by supplying solar-generated electricity to their utility company.

The program applies to residential, agricultural and commercial deployments of solar power systems with capacities up to 100kW. Owners of such systems can send electricity to the electrical grid from their solar power system. All electricity generated is banked and applied to the current month’s electricity consumption, so if you produce more than you use, you end up with a bill of zero.

Under the program, unused electricity can be carried forward as a credit from month-to-month but must be used up by the three-year anniversary of your commencement in the program, at which time your credit will reset to zero.

Power Generation Partner Program

The recently instituted Power Generation Partner Program (PGPP) is a program with a 20 year contract. This program replaced the earlier Small Power Producers Program and will be seeking new applicants each year to help Saskatchewan produce 35 MW of clean energy.

As part of the application process, applicants will submit a bid price that represents the amount they will be paid for the electricity they generate. The maximum bid has been capped at 0.09830/kWh.

Capital Cost Allowance (CCA) for Clean Energy Projects

The Canadian Income Tax Act creates special provisions for investments in clean energy generation and energy conservation equipment.

One such provision offers a special, accelerated capital cost allowance (CCA) for clean energy generation equipment, including solar power generation systems. Under the normal rules of capital cost allowance, property is to be depreciated over the course of its useful life. With the accelerated CCA, businesses can write off larger portions of the cost of a solar power system in the first years of ownership.

Our solar power systems classify for Class 43.2, which can be written off at a 100% rate in the first year. The CCA helps businesses recover their money more quickly in the form of tax incentives when investing in solar power generation projects.

Canadian Renewable and Conservation Expenses (CRCE)

Expenses that fall under this category, such as the installation of solar power systems, get special tax treatment. As a business owner, you may be able to deduct the cost of the installation in full during the year where the installation happened and generate a non-refundable tax credit for yourself. The credit may be carried forward indefinitely and applied when it is most convenient or beneficial.

You can visit the Canada Revenue Agency website for more information on incentive programs offered to businesses that invest in clean energy generation.

Are You Ready to Go Solar?

Saskatchewan is paving the way for Canadians when it comes to incentivizing investment in renewable energy technologies. Are you ready to take advantage of these rebates and tax breaks that make it more affordable than ever to produce your own power? Whatever the scope of project that you have in mind, our technicians have the skills and knowledge to make it happen. Learn more about what we have to offer:

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We’re the Solar Power experts in your community. Drop us a line - we’d love to help.

    Need Answers or Advice About Solar Power Generation?

    We’re the Solar Power experts in your community. Drop us a line - we’d love to help.