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How Can Solar Benefit My Business?

What could your business do with a massive supply of reliable, clean energy? Today, an increasing number of commercial organizations across industry verticals are recognizing the tremendous value associated with solar power generation and choosing to make the investment and enhance their energy security for now and for the future.

Whether you’re a small or medium-sized business or a large enterprise, you’ll be able to save a bundle on your annual electricity bills with a one-time investment in solar power generation. Once you add up the government rebates and incentives that help drive down cost-of-ownership, it should be clear:

It’s time to Go Solar.

Solar Potential

Reduce Costs, Limit Risks and Create Value

Commercial organizations can reduce their monthly or annual electricity costs using solar power generation and Saskatchewan’s Net Metering program. Under the program, small power generators earn credit for electricity that they produce and feed into Saskatchewan’s power grid. The credit can be applied against your monthly electricity usage or carried forward into future months when there is an excess. Using this program, many Saskatchewan businesses have managed to reduce their energy costs to $0 per month.

Owning your own power generation can also limit your exposure to rising energy rates. For a company that uses a lot of energy, even a small rate increase could mean thousands of dollars in additional operating expenses. Companies that use solar power generate their own energy, so they’re protected from any volatility or shifting in the energy marketplace.

Making the Business Case for Commercial Solar Power Generation

As you prepare to invest in solar power generation, you may want to construct a business case to demonstrate the justification for your upgrade to solar power. The first and most important thing to include is that you’ll be saving money by reducing your power bill to roughly $0, but there are also additional benefits:

  • Solar panels are largely maintenance-free. They have few or no mechanical parts that can break and require little attention besides an annual cleaning and/or inspection.

  • Solar panels offer a great return on investment. People who took advantage of all cash-back and incentive programs were able to recoup the cost of their installation in as few as seven years.

  • Solar panels can change the public perception of your company by demonstrating your commitment to environmental protection.

Maximizing Value with Government Rebates and Tax Incentives

Saskatchewan offers some of the nation’s most competitive rebates and incentive programs meant to drive investment in clean, renewable energy generation projects. As a commercial entity, you are perfectly poised to take advantage of Saskatchewan’s net metering program and associated rebate, along with the Federal government’s CCA and CRCE tax incentives.

Net Metering Program & Rebate

The net metering program is ideal for small power producers whose primary goal is to achieve cost savings by reducing their monthly electricity bill. Saskatchewan’s net metering program allows your business to feed excess solar energy into Saskatchewan’s power grid and to draw energy from the grid when your need for electricity outpaces your ability to produce it from your solar array.

With the net metering rebate, Saskatchewan offers a one-time of $0.61/w reimbursement on the total cost of your solar panel installation, maxed at $20,000. Even commercial organizations that choose to finance their investment in solar power generation can take advantage of this lump-sum rebate that is meant to incentivize investment in renewable energy.

Accelerated Capital Cost Allowance (CCA)

Commercial entities can take advantage of the capital cost allowance for clean energy projects. Under Classes 43.1 and 43.2 in Schedule II of the Canadian income tax code, businesses can write off solar power generation equipment at 100% for the first year that the equipment is installed.

With the accelerated CCA tax incentive, you can deduct a large portion of the cost of your solar panel installation from your net business income the first year, further reducing the cost of ownership, helping you manage cash flow and enhancing your return-on-investment from solar power generation.

Canadian Renewable and Conservation Expenses (CRCE)

The CRCE tax provisions were designed to help support the development of renewable energy projects and technology for Canadian businesses, bringing them on a level footing with the oil, gas and mining sectors who benefit from the provisions of the Canadian Exploration Expenses (CEE) provisions. Qualifying expenses under the CRCE provisions gain special tax treatment – they are fully deductible at the time the expense is incurred and can be carried forward indefinitely.

Qualifying CRCE expenses include:

  • The cost of temporary roads to the site

  • Pre-feasibility studies

  • Negotiation costs that are not property or finance related

  • Site approval costs

  • Evaluations and feasibility studies

  • Environmental or other site-specific feasibility studies

  •  Site preparation costs

  • Start-up and/or commissioning

  • Training of operators and maintenance personnel

  • The cost of building service connections for the transmission of electricity or power

Our Process

We’re the solar power experts in your community, the ones with the skills and expertise to manage your solar power generation project from start to finish. Here’s how we make it happen:

  • 1

    We’ll conduct a comprehensive needs assessment for your solar power system, working to understand your goals and expectations for performance and value.

  • 2

    We’ll design a solar power generation system and layout that meets your exact specifications, and we’ll deliver a competitive and inclusive quote to get it all done.

  • 3

    Once you sign on the dotted line, we’ll mobilize our team to install your solar array and set you up to start generating your own solar power.

Commercial Solar 3

Are You Ready to Go Solar?

Isn’t it time that you tapped into the most reliable source of clean, renewable energy?

With Go Solar Sask, you’ll be able to eliminate your electricity bill and save money every year. You’ll also be helping the environment and taking advantage of big rebates and tax incentives that massively offset the purchase price of your new solar power system.

Contact us today and let us help you make your solar power generation project a success.

Need Answers or Advice About Solar Power Generation?

We’re the Solar Power experts in your community. Drop us a line - we’d love to help.

Need Answers or Advice About Solar Power Generation?

We’re the Solar Power experts in your community. Drop us a line - we’d love to help.

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