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Off-Grid Solar Solutions

Are you in search of an off-grid solar power solution that can help you disconnect from your city’s electric utility and become truly self-sufficient? Are you in need of a robust and reliable solar power system that’s perfect for a remotely located home or cottage? There are many situations where it makes sense to use an off-grid solar power system:

  • You’re worried about rising electricity prices and want to power your home independently into the future

  • You need to supply electricity to a remotely located home or cottage where power lines are inaccessible

  • You need a pre-ready solar kit to take traveling with you, ensuring that you have consistent and stable access to a reliable power source

Our off-grid and pre-ready solar kits are the perfect power generation solution for folks who want to take advantage of our favourite inexpensive and renewable energy source without hooking up to the local power grid.

Solar Potential

Going Off-Grid with Solar Power

Going off the grid means that you’re disconnecting your home, cabin or cottage from the local electric utility company and choosing to power your own home, either with renewable solar energy (or other renewables) or using a gas-powered generator.

Many people immediately associate solar power generation with going off-grid, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Most solar power installations are connected to the local utility company, enabling small power producers to take advantage of government-funded energy purchasing programs such as the net metering program or the power generation partner program. These programs have small power producers feeding solar-generated electricity directly into the power grid, in exchange for either cash or credit towards their electricity bill.

Disconnecting from the power grid requires a whole new level of self-sufficiency. In addition to your solar panel installation, you’ll need solar batteries that can store the energy you gather for use when it’s dark or cloudy outside and you can’t produce as much energy as you’d like. Off-grid solar systems are equipped with solar batteries and special inverters that convert direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC) that can be used to power home electronics and appliances.

What is a Pre-Ready Solar Kit?

If you have the know-how to install your own solar power generation system, a pre-ready solar kit might be right for you. Our ready-made kits come equipped with everything that you’ll need to install and configure a high-functioning solar power generation system for your home, farm or business property.

Pre-ready kits are pre-designed, pre-engineered and come with all the parts you need to get up and running. That includes solar panels, inverters, cabling, batteries, and everything else you’ll need to set up your own home solar power generation system.

Off Grid Solar 2

How Much Solar Power Do I Need?

Our off-grid solar kits make it easy to produce and store solar energy from anywhere in the world. Determining how much solar power you’ll need can be tricky, however, as you’ll have to invest in both power production and storage to ensure that there is electricity available when you need it. The right size of your off-grid solar kit will depend on factors like:

  • Location

    Areas that receive more natural solar radiation can produce more electricity with a smaller system

  • System Orientation

    Tilting your solar array in the right direction and optimizing its location will help ensure that you collect the maximum amount of solar energy

  • Energy Consumption

    Energy needs vary based on your usage habits and those of the other people you live with. If you consume more energy each day, you’ll need a larger system with more batteries when going off-grid.

  • Daytime vs Nighttime Energy Use

    With our off-grid solar kits, you’ll be generating plenty of electricity during the day and relying on your batteries at night. If you use more electricity at night, you’ll need more batteries to make sure you don’t run out of power when you need it.

Our Process

At Go Solar Sask, we’re setting the industry standard for customer service in solar panel installations. We promise to work with you at every stage to make sure you get a solar power system that meets your needs, goals and expectations. Here’s how we do it:

  • 1

    We start with a needs assessment that helps us understand your goals for implementing solar power for your home, cabin or cottage. We’ll evaluate your power consumption patterns to get a feel for what size system would satisfy your needs.

  • 2

    We’ll deliver our recommendations for a solar power system that’s right for you, along with a comprehensive quote and advice for how to secure the most lucrative government rebates and incentives to help with the cost.

  • 3

    We’ll handle every aspect of implementation, from sourcing parts and materials to shipping and installing your new solar power system. For off-grid or pre-made kits, we’ll make sure you have the materials on-time and the resources you need to get the job done.


Are You Ready to Go Solar?

Planning to go off-grid is a serious decision and your choice of solar panel system for your cabin or cottage can affect the availability of electricity when you need it and ultimately your quality of life.

Don’t be disappointed – let us help you select and install the power system that you need to satisfy your expectations for performance and value.

Contact us today and let’s work together to make your off-grid solar power project a success.

Need Answers or Advice About Solar Power Generation?

We’re the Solar Power experts in your community. Drop us a line - we’d love to help.

Need Answers or Advice About Solar Power Generation?

We’re the Solar Power experts in your community. Drop us a line - we’d love to help.

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